August was emotional.

This wedding business is emotional at the best of times but often as wedding photographers we get to know about the stories behind the wedding images and sometimes its a real tear jerker time to see couples and guests put on incredible displays of strength on the big day.
It’s hard enough to see people coming together filled with loving emotion on a wedding day but to see all this knowing the burdens of illness and tragedy and loss leading up to their moment fills the hardest professional with admiration and happiness that all was overcome.
During August especially the incredible strength that brides and grooms showed throughout our time dealing with them is uplifting in so many ways to us both.

Film sets, movie stars, weddings and a booking in Scotland!

Well, July not only broke weather records, it broke our monthly wedding record also, as what was to be a very busy month anyway saw us having a number of additional late bookings which turned July into a record breaking month for weddings with an amazing 18 completed!

We began supplying images to major UK libraries and agencies last month, one road trip saw us rubbing shoulders with movie/TV, actors and directors, shooting images for a new movie/TV magazine, it was brilliant being taken around to shoot on location.

‘International’  wedding photographers now as we have taken our first ever booking in Scotland, at the very scenic area of Fort William on the west coast. 

Fizzogs, Guard Dogs and all things Wedding!

The 2018 wedding season is in full flow and as we have another record year for bookings, it’s difficult to even find time to keep this blog updated.

Every year we have our share of ‘surprising’ and celebrity guests at jobs we cover, last year it was movie and TV stars, this year we have had everything thrown at us from owls bearing wedding rings, dogs posing for pictures with the bride and local celebrity dancing grannies putting in a surprise appearance in a couples first dance!

Water Life!

We have some magazine articles to produce in the next 6 months so we are on the lookout for people with unusual occupations/businesses etc. So for research purposes of course I started with a pint at lunchtime in The Lock pub Wolverley with this guy, the one and only oil man of the inland waterways David Swift

David is well known on the canals of the UK for his excellent boat services and he and partner Kelly have also managed to raise a family on board their floating business.

If you own a narrowboat and need new oil delivering or old oil taking away call David on 07848 80 90 92 or visit

(Towing also available)

Be Unique, your customers are!

Our 3rd photography class takes place this week, it’s all about original thinking and creating your own ideas and style, it’s pointless copying what other photographers have done, it looks amateurish and desperate, be unique, just like your customers and they’ll book you not the imitators. We have 10 people signed up for instruction on this one, if you would like to join up please email through the website

Quality Hotel Dudley Shows How it’s Done!

The Quality Hotel, Castlegate Dudley.
We don’t know what they are doing at The Quality Hotel Dudley but they are doing it right, as we have 7 weddings there this year alone!
It’s a bright, modern hotel, with rooms just the right size for the trendy limited numbers weddings of today,(50-100 guests) food is excellent, staff are very friendly, the venue is absolutely smashing the wedding bookings in the area so much so they have very few other events on, as they simply don’t have many Saturdays free!
Get in touch and book your big day well in advance, before someone else grabs the date! 5 mins from The Black Country Living Museum & Dudley Zoo

One Of The Best Nights Ever.

You know the feeling when everyone tells you it can’t be done and you go ahead and prove them all wrong, well The Peaky Blinders Evening we produced for Dudley town centre business, was an incredible evening of entertainment, local and international musicians, variety acts, myself and Jan put on a night of incredible entertainment not seen for a long time in a Dudley town centre venue. The Dudley Peaky Blinders fans turned out in numbers in elaborate costumes and outfits, some with replica weapons but all in keeping with the theme of the TV series, the music covered the 1920’s/40’s era appropriate to the theme and with a careful entry policy of this free event the management maintained a fabulous atmosphere without the overcrowding seen at other events of this type.

We have now decided to arrange many more musical events in and around Dudley town centre to bring back an entertainment scene to local Dudley venues, arranged purely for the benefit of the venue owners and not the pockets of promoters from outside the area.

Behind Every Man There’s A Woman Learning Everything He Knows.

Those mysterious people ‘They’ tell you never to teach your wife anything that you yourself are good at because as sure as day turns to night she will become better than you at it.

I’ve never listened to anything that ‘they’ say and so far I’ve taught my wife  fishing, pool and photography and yes you’ve guessed it she is better than me at two out of three of those things!

But the satisfaction of being a great teacher is what I vainly hang on to and joking aside I’m immensely proud of all her achievements especially the photography, because she has rapidly not only mastered all the technicalities but refused to become a ‘clone’ and developed a beautiful natural style, uniqueness and edge to all her work.